Mountain Lighting Collection

Our Mountain Collection (formerly our Designer Collection) of lights all use our Smart Technology, which enables they to be used with AC or DC low voltage landscape power.  The Collection has a replaceable Bi-Pin lighting element. This collection was designed for use with common AC landscape transformers as well as higher end DC power supplies and PWM dimming technology. We use our traditional 9 LED emitters for the CANE lights and our 18 LED emitters in 6 inch extruded aluminum channel making each the brightest light in its class.  Each channel light has our unique ultra-thin 3 inch wide galvanize mounting bracket, so no tools are required to cut out room for the mounting bracket. The light comes with a 36 inch long 18 AWG lead wire.  This Collection is perfect for illuminating steps, retaining walls, grill areas, patios,pathways, flour beds and other niche locations. Our lights and PowerCenters are hand-crafted in the USA.