Lights - Universal SE5301A Series 5-Inch 2700, 3000, or 4000 Kelvin LED Light for Cap, Deck, Step and Wall Light - In Black, Bronze or Silver

  • $45.99
  • Save $33

The SE5301A series is a step above the normal recessed wall light. This universal series Low Voltage includes our Smart Technology which works with 12 Volt AC or DC. Each comes with our bonded LED strip in our 5 inch extruded aluminum channel. The light lead wires are Red/Black 18 AWG makes it easy to match existing wiring plans, although with the integrated Smart Technology there is no requirement to maintain wire polarity.

It is great for illuminating stairways and steps, retaining walls, grill areas, patios and other niche locations. Its unique open ended channel design casts a wider light spread than others in this class. This light is hand-crafted in the USA.

This light is a hybrid used to help companies smoothly move into the SE5301 series a part of the Valley Collection.