About Us and Our History

Welcome - A little about us.

We are a lighting technology company.

We are a USA manufacturer of indoor and outdoor LED lighting products.

Our original manufacturing and operations site was in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. In 2016 we moved the company to Fort Collins, Colorado.

Meet Our Leadership Team.

Marthanne Edwards - Business and Operations.

Ms Edwards brings more than 30 years experience in business, accounting and tax while working for educational, and for profit and non-profit organizations.

Ms Edwards holds a MS Accounting from Colorado State University.

Marc Soldner - Engineering, Quality and Technology

Mr. Soldner brings more than 40 years experience in manufacturing, strategic planning, quality, and information management.

Mr Soldner holds a BS in Computers from Regis University, Denver, and a AS in Science from Front Range Community College, and in Electronic Technology from Salina Technical


Our History

Our experience using LED's has roots dating back in time to 1977.

LED lights may seem new to many people, and indeed there are new innovations in the LED field all the time, however LED's have been around for many years. Fortunately for us, our staff are not new to this technology.

In fact, What sets us apart, and ahead of our competition is that our design team has been working with LED's in circuits for over 40 years. During this early period Mr Soldner became familiar with and started using LED's in OEM applications. The team also brings over 40 years in electronics and metals fabrication experience.

Moving forward, in 2009 there was a need for light fixture manufacturers to be able to build quality lights. Mr Soldner start consulting with Minnesota Companies in the design, manufacturing and quality elements of their process. For example, Mr Soldner worked with one company to produce their first 10 commercially manufactured street light fixtures, for the city of Hibbing, Minnesota in the summer of 2010.

Mr Soldner also saw products and developed products to fill a niche need in the market that his clients in the lighting business choose to not address. This need was for higher quality, all metal housing lighting fixtures at an affordable price. Some lighting contractors just did not what to install a plastic lighting fixture when a higher quality metal fixture cost about the same.

From these humble beginning Soldner LED Lighting was born.

We are happy to be able to support this need in the residential, recreational, industrial and commercial lighting areas.

Today our LED lighting products are showcased in a growing number of businesses and homes, and by business owners, contractors, leading landscape, and patio companies, and purchased by quality installers.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact our sales manager Marc at soldnerlighting@gmail.com