Welcome - Common Questions

Q - What happens if the LED light is wired backwards?
A - Our 2000, 5000, and 6000 Series Lights use our custom Smart Technology. This means you just connect them and they work.
A - Some other lights on the market might flicker. 

Q - Can I dim my LED's?
A - Yes, Soldner LED Lights can be dimmed using any commercial LED designed dimmer.

Q - Will all of my fixtures look exactly the same?
A - Soldner LED Lights are all individually hand crafted in the USA, and will look about the same, but not exactly the same.

Q - Not all White LED's look the same, or have the same color.
A - Color Temperature of light is measured in units called Kelvin. Very warm colors are in the 2000 Kelvin and lower range - Think candle light. Cooler colors are 7000 Kelvin and above range - Think bright blue sky.
2000, 5000, 6000 Series, and MAP35 Lights can come in 2700 to 4000 Kelvin.

Q - Are LED easy to burn out?
A - Most LED field failures are caused by one of three events.
1) Unlike Soldner LED Lights, some companies do not offer built-in circuit protection and connecting LED backwards to the power supply can burn them out.
2) If the 12 volt power supply produces PEAK voltages above 15 volts the common 12 volt LED can burn out
3) If the LED gets too hot, it can burn out.

Q - What size of wire is needed to wire LED's
A - In the USA, wire is sized using the American Wire Gauge (AWG) in units called Gauge (GA). Up to 20 light fixtures of the 2-watt size can be wired within 100 feet of the power supply by using 16 GA "gauge" outdoor cable. If total wire length is between 100 and 400 feet, the far-end 100 feet can be 16 GA wire and the wire segments closer to the power supply should be 12 GA.

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